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Welcome to Double Crux Station! We are the Philosopher's Governing Assembly, and we're so excited that you'll be joining us to represent your village or neighborhood at the world's first philosophically principled government body. This welcome packet will help orient you to our humble Station, and delineate the expectations set for you by all the Double Cruxers who came before you. We're grateful that you have decided to participate in the preeminent decision-making institution on the planet, and hope you are proud to be among the most reasoned, compassionate, forward thinking minds of your generation as we attempt to preserve the peace and prosperity of the solarpunk era. **Accomodations:** We're sure you're anxious to learn more about your living accomodations during your time at Double Crux Station. After all, it's hard to make good decisions if you don't know where you'll be sleeping at night or how you're going to eat. The survey of your governing district has been completed. As you can see, a full 5% of your jurisdiction is currently living below poverty and their median caloric intake is at only 95% the healthy level. While we absolutely understand that this outcome is not your fault, Double Crux has always honored the rule of living like your community. Therefore, for at least 5% of your time here, you will be required to live in a calorie restricted diet that matches the median person in your jurisdiction. Fortunately, you're region has no unsheltered homelessness so you will be eligible for full time shelter in any of the housing options available. Remember that these surveys do reoccur on a 2 month cycle, so your housing and food situation may be updated if and when conditions in your jurisdiction change. **Assembly Participation:** You are required during your time here to participate in all Governance Assembly deliberations. And we ask that you retain a sense of reverence toward the work of governance we do here. At Double Crux, many forms of debate and decision-making are possible, but we'd like to make sure you're aware of our most cherished methodology and our namesake: the Double Crux. Double Cruxing is a method of short-circuiting unproductive arguments and helping Philosopher-Assembly members from becoming entrenched in ideological battles. The method works by asking two participants in a debate to identify the central Crux of each of their beliefs. The Crux should be any assumption that is crucial to their belief such that if they were to learn that the assumption is untrue, they guarantee that they would update their belief. This procedure may then be repeated until such time as someone involved finds a Crux that turns out to be probably false, at which point they can rest assured that they should update their belief. No one's feelings need to be hurt in this activity because it is simply an issue of having been informed of some incorrect information. Using the Double Crux is a time honored tradition, and has brought much success in unlocking precisely the points of disagreement among the majority of humanity in the solarpunk era. But remember that anything about the Assembly rules or operation is possible to change through careful deliberation, good faith argument, and compassionate persuasion. So even the usage of the Double Crux will always remain open to debate. At our first meeting tomorrow, you will be provided with the most up-to-date information on Assembly procedures and schedules. Again, we wish to thank you for embarking on this challenging but monumentally important task of philosopher governance. We hope that your work here can aid your constituents, and, in concert with the political, economic, academic, and spiritual bodies of government, can help to retain our prosperity and joyful living throughout the solarpunk era.