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Are you actually a car? This sub is dedicated to hating cars, not the people who drive them. My guess is in a perfect world you'd love to spend more time with your kids, walk to school with them on the way to your workplace. You'd probably love for your kids to be able to run around the neighborhood and bike to a park a couple blocks away like a lot of us used to do growing up, without worrying that they'll get run over crossing a street. And you'd probably like everybody to have that opportunity. Wouldn't you love it if there were 10x as many great camping spots and they were all half as far away because there was less suburban sprawl? Or if you didn't need to have a truck to take care of because there was a great RV/camper rental program that cost you 10% what your setup costs you now? (And with the money you save, you could take a trip to Australia and rent an RV there too) This sub makes fun of a really inefficient system that the US got tricked into by opportunistic car companies. It's a system that's dependent on expensive infrastructure and natural resources owned by oil barons. It wastes space, time, and money, kills about 1 million people every year, is a major contributor to climate change (which will kill more people), and it basically reduced our culture to the drive-thru fast food. But as to "practical solutions," the first step towards any solution to a problem this big is getting people like yourself to believe that there can be a different way. Not that you can change everything this summer, but that there is some chance over the next 5-10 years to stop the sprawl and fix the inconvenience and danger in our cities. That's why I think the sub's name and approach is useful because I think it triggered you to stop for a moment. And after the initial reaction there's a chance you'll think a little more about it and see that there really is something wrong. And then maybe someday you'll be in a conversation where you hear a pedestrian got killed and instead of asking what they did wrong you say, "fuckcars."