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I think I see where you're coming from in terms of socialism being about bribes and winning political favor. But what do you think if this issue? > Rewarding people for efficiently using raw materials, energy, and time creates tens of times more value under capitalism. To me it seems like there is one crucial gap in this argument: the things you mention may be rewarded, but so is economic coercion, all forms of monopoly power and rent seeking, ecological destruction, and in general pushing the limits of human decency. I know capitalists say "in theory" that those things are priced into markets, but the truth is market-based decision making has proven to be inherently too shortsighted to solve those issues. This is why some forms of socialist control were shown to be necessary, like government mandated monopoly breakup, or environmental protections, or a social safety net for retirement. This is why I'm a "market socialist," which means we still use a free market to solve the majority of problems, but at its root we acknowledge that the economy is controlled and regulated by society at large rather than purely the decision-making apparatus of capitalism. If we just switched to a market socialist framework, I think it would give us much more freedom to correct market inefficiencies and some major social ills that are plaguing us right now.