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Hi thanks for the followup. Sorry, but you are misreading, I would suggest you take a look at the [paper]( itself before continuing to criticize the research by misunderstanding. The third section of the paper covers the modeling of the impact on parent marital status. Their conclusion is that the impact of marital status directly is small, while (part 4) the predominant marital status of the geographic area is more important, suggesting that previous research may have confounded those two effects (ie more people with single parents live in places with many single parents, single parenthood is a label, not a cause). The reason I point this out as an "internal bias" is because the narrative you are employing has been used for a [long time]( to shift blame and focus onto absent fathers and the black community itself, rather than acknowledging the more discomforting idea that institutionalized racism still exists at large in our society. In that sense, your bias is to focus on the small effect even when evidence suggests that systemic racism is real and having a much worse impact. >Consensus takes a long time to build, and wasn't done so thoughtlessly. But what if the consensus was built by people with biases toward racial prejudice? I'm continuing to believe that you are genuinely interested in figuring out what's true. I just implore you to keep your mind open to new information and not get caught up on some of the potentially harmful tropes that may have solidified in your mind. Just occasionally ask yourself about the true source of your stance.